Browse the American Treble Choral Index

Notes on using the ATC Index browser.

  • The ATC Index currently has about 1,500 records in it. The tools here will allow you to browse for pieces that might interest you.
  • Use the filter fields above the table to filter the search results. This is an AND search. Example: If you enter Smith under Composer and SSAA under Voicing, you will see results for all SSAA pieces by a composer with Smith in their name.
  • The Voicing and Language filters are ‘multiselect’ fields. This means you can choose one or more search options from the drop-down lists at a time. For example: to search for pieces with SSAA or SSSAA voicing, just select each (one at a time; a checkmark will appear next to the options you choose) from the Voicing filter list. 
  • After you run a filter, you can use the Search field (to the right, just above the table) to refine the results. It will search all columns for anything you enter here. If you want to start a completely new search, click the Clear Filters button. 
  • We have URLs for almost all composers and pieces in the Index. A small number of links do not work, but we will be verifying and updating them as needed.
  • More granular search options are coming soon.
  • If you are using a phone or tablet, you should view this page in landscape mode.

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